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Why I'm running

I'm passionate about bringing people together and making sure all voices are heard and valued equally, I'm passionate about transparency in governance, and I'm passionate about the town of Orono! Election day is March 14th. Your vote counts!

Hello! My name is Sarah Marx and I’ve been an active member of the Orono community since my family moved to town 12 years ago. During this time, I have raised two kids while variously working as a Spanish Teacher in the Orono schools, Director of the Wilson Center (multifaith center serving UMaine), Director of Youth Programming at the Church of Universal Fellowship, and School Counselor at John Bapst. I am passionate about bringing people together and ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard and valued in our civic life.

As your Town Councilor I would work to help Orono:

  • Be open and responsive to citizen input and ideas

  • Innovate and enact changes more quickly

  • Increase transparency and accountability of town management 

  • Strengthen our commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Build bridges and facilitate new partnerships between the Town, University, and business communities

  • Maintain stable taxes


I want to help Orono be a town where good ideas go to thrive! I hope I can count on your support. To cast a write-in vote for me, it will be CRITICAL TO FILL IN THE BUBBLE for the first write-in slot under town council, and important to exactly print my name “Sarah Marx” on your ballot – write-ins without the bubble filled won't count!

Election Day is March 14th. The Orono municipal election is happening during UMaine’s spring break, so anyone traveling that week should plan to vote early or absentee between February 13th-March 9th.


I look forward to representing you, please don’t hesitate to reach out with your questions or ideas! - Sarah Marx (, or 520-271-9823)

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